Jello Launch

The crazy weather says it's gonna rain??? Should I believe it? It is TEXAS.

So If it's poor raining and lightening this Friday morning we will reschedule for THIS SATURDAY April 21ST


When: Friday April 20th

Location: Zilker Park

The one on your left by the play scape there's that open field -

Time: 9:30am to 12 noon

(Ending time is open, but if you leave don't forget to say good bye)


Why? Just because we are crazy like that!

Put on your play clothes!

Bring your jello to launch!

Do your best to Aim below the head :)

Play Nice, But Have Fun!

Parents Please Read

Bring clothes to change into after the sticky mess.

A towel to sit on in the car on the way home.

I always advise to choose yellow, white, orange, pink jello colors-

Bring your shields, or any protective wear.. Think the sky is falling but no it's JeLLo!!

Bring sunscreen

Bring snacks or/drinks to Share.

If your child has allergies please place a sticker on his/her shirt so everyone knows.

Bring your camera!

Bring coolers to keep the snacks/drinks/Jello chilled-


Play at your own Risk

Jello Line-Up

Weee little ones go first!

The big kids go next!

Teens go next!

Parents Go Last! Who Dares?!??

Jello Tips

Parents & kids pick your colors wisely white, pink orange, yellow, anything light colored.  Some Jello may stay. Now if you pick crazy bright colors well we all know what happens from there.

Make your jello way in advance so it has time to mold.

What Do I Put My Jello In?

The $ store has those large turkey recyclable pans. The silver ones made of aluminum. Get the ones that have tops, you can make 2 trays of jello.


I know there’s bathrooms on location so after the festivities feel free to wash up & come back so we can all hang out eat & drink snacks, then go home :)


[email protected]

I need:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • How many are in your party
  • Ages of the children/parents partaking in the jello launch.
  • What are you bringing to share?

Once you have sent your RSVP please read the release form

Please download, fill out, and bring it to the event.

A few days before the event I will send a mass email of the lineup so you can check who else is coming along with a quick reminder and status of what's going on :)

Feel Free to pass this along to anybody who knows how to have some crazy fun!


Mom to Juneau & Tasi


Zappy Springs will bring her camera, by coming to the event you agree it's ok she photograph your family. Photos will be on the Zappy Springs Website- you may social share, purchase prints (optional) if you like my Zappy Springs FB you can tag & download your photo :)